With Winter behind us and Spring in the air, we are often out and about in the garden and dealing with moss and mould. Keep in mind that products such as Wet and Forget can cause sever ulcers on your cats and dogs tongues if they walk over the sprayed area and then lick their paws. Always make sure to keep pets off the treated area during the drying time - which is usually 4 - 5 hours. Once the surface is dry, it is safe to walk on even after subsequent rainfall as it does not reactivate. 

Speaking gardens - remember to check for Wandering Jew which can cause an allergic response - skin inflammation, pustules and red irritated skin. Its best to remove it from the garden before it causes any allergy related issues with your animals.

With the hotter months ahead, remember to not leave dogs (or cats for that matter) in hot cars,  as it can get extreemly hot very quickly in a parked car. Just as an example - if the outside temperature is 24 degrees, a vehicles inside temperature can rise to 34 degrees in just 10 minutes, and up to 40 degrees in half an hour. 

Dealing with fleas is an on going exercize, but Spring and Summer time being a warmer time of the year always seems to be when we notice the irritation to our pets more. Remember that just one flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day! So keeping on top of your pets flea treatment is really important. We have a wide range of treatments in store, from monthly spot on treatments such as Advantage and Advocate, to 3 monthly Bravecto oral treatments for dogs and even a 6 month spot on Bravecto treatment for dogs.

Have a great Summer and hopefully we'll see you on the beach!


Kit, Campbell and team at Bayvet