With the Autumn and Winter seasons upon us, pets tend to shed their summer coat for their winter one. With regular brushing a few times a week, even daily in some cases, you can make sure that that your pets hair remians in great condition, and less hair is shed around the house on furniture, carpets and your favourite (actually every) coat

Vaccinations are a very important part of the care of your pets as they protect against a wide range of infectious diseases - many of which can be fatal. 

Vaccinations protect your dog against:

Most boarding kennels and catteries also require up to date vaccinations, so it's an important consideration when you're planning a holiday

Vaccinations protect your cat from:

Call us to book an appointment or to make sure your pets are upto date if your not sure of their vaccination status.

Have a great Winter and lets hope its not such a wet one!


Kit and team at Bayvet